Artist Statement

In my artwork, I address the seemingly simple, yet deceptively complex question, “What is anatomy?” We look at human anatomy everyday and yet remain so unfamiliar with it. We forget to embrace the beauty of what we find vile, such as bodily fluids, human hair, and skin. These “vile” entities serve as important themes in my work. I embrace the taboo.

When I work in the third dimension, I fashion inanimate objects to resemble human body parts. My aim in creating these bizarrely beautiful sculptures is to elicit an emotional response from my audience while also provoking a sense of curiousity. My paintings have a similar commentary on the human anatomy. I often intermix body parts with non-living things. The intentional ambiguity of my images leaves them open to interpretation.

I use both traditional materials such as bronze and oil paint, and nontraditional traditional materials such as latex, plaster, surgical string, and human hair to carry out my vision.